Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is considered to be a relaxing and fun adventure for anyone that has the love and curiosity for these peaceful mammals. Dolphins have held the curiosity of many for years. If you are one of the many persons looking for an opportunity to swim with dolphins, you’ll find the following information helpful in finding destinations to do just that. These destinations include Hawaii, Oahu, the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, plus other areas around the world that offer you the opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle mammals.

If you are looking to have your dolphin adventure on the beaches of Hawaii, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, there are many places around the islands that offer you the opportunity to swim with either wild dolphins or dolphins in captivity. The following are a few well-known places offering the opportunity to swim with dolphins:

The following resorts offer you both, wild dolphin swims along with a controlled environment at sea water parks to enjoy these beautiful animals in the Caribbean and Mexico. Anguilla and Tortola are parks that allow you to enjoy a peaceful swim with the dolphins within their natural environment in the Caribbean Sea.

If you are planning a vacation getaway to Mexico, you’ll find numerous areas that offer you the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. The following are a variety of areas that offer you the chance to interact with the dolphins.

Florida offers some of the best places to swim with dolphins. The Florida Keys Islands such as Key West, Key Largo and other islands located in the south of Florida offer numerous resorts and open water boat tours allowing you to interact and swim with dolphins. Other Florida destinations to experience a swim with dolphins are in Orlando, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale areas. The following links are places that offer dolphin swims in these areas.

There are other places offering you the experience of swimming with dolphins while taking a relaxing vacation, some of these include, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Remember to place your reservations to swim with the dolphins at least a few months early. Just about everywhere that offers you the opportunity to interact with either wild or tame dolphins has limited openings per session. The gentle nature of these fun loving mammals makes this a wonderful family adventure or individual experience for all.