Spinner dolphin slaughtered!

by Jojo Baritua, the Bohol Chronicles

The Pamilacan Island Boat Operators and Spotters Association (PIBOSA), Inc. condemns the brutal and senseless killing of the long snouted spinner dolphins.

Last Friday, Moises V. Opada, vice president of the association, was on his way to Pamilacan Island after transporting back their guests from one of the resorts in Alona when they bumped into the helpless dolphin floating between the islands of Pamilacan and Panglao.

Further investigation revealed that the dead dolphin has been neatly sliced half with the intestine coming out. The spotters believe that the dolphin has been caught in one of the commercial fishing fleets or from people who has been totally sold out to the idea of ecotourism in Pamilacan Island.

This incident is very ironic since Bohol under the Dolphin Watch Pamilacan is currently one of the three finalists in the prestigious world wide search for the best in Conservation Award sponsored by the World Tourism and Travel Council in Washington DC, USA come April 2006.

This poses a question if Bohol is really worth receiving the award if the killing of the dolphins and entry of the commercial fleets still continue in Bohol Sea.

The Bohol Tourism Office, Department of Tourism and the Office of the Governor are urged to look after the welfare of the majority inhabitants of the island of Pamilacan and not just two families in the island.

Let it be known that PIDWWO does not and has not represented the majority of the former whale hunters of Pamilacan Island. Not even one of the present memberships of PIDWWO has actually killed a whale.