Northern Rightwhale Dolphin

The Northern Rightwhale Dolphins live in the North Pacific. They spend spring, summer and fall at higher latitude feeding grounds and migrate south in the winter months finding warmer waters. The Rightwhale is blackish in color, without a dorsal fin, the head of these dolphins take up 1/4 of its total body length. An adult can reach lengths of 14-17 meters and weigh up to 20 or 30 metric tons.

The Northern Rightwhale Dolphin feeds on squid and deep sea fish such as Krill. They have been known to join with other dolphen species while traveling but are not known to interact with humans, rather they avoid them. If you happen to see one riding on the bow waves of ships, it would be considered a very rare site. They can reach speeds of 40kmh and sustain speeds of 25kmh for as long as 30 minutes.

Female Rightwhale Dolphins have a gestation period of one year after mating. They give birth to a single calf during the winter months. Calves are 5-6 meters in length when they're born. The calves will grow rapidly during the first 13 months of their lives while feeding from their mothers milk. Calves will stay with their mothers for the first 2-3 years of their lives. Sexual maturity is reached around 10 years of age. Female Rightwhale Dolphins give birth to a new calf every 2-7 years.

Rightwhale dolphins were named by early whalers due to the fact that they were the "right" whale to kill. They produce large quantities of oil and baleen. The Rightwhale dolphins population was severely depleted early in the worlds whaling industry and has yet to recover. Only 3000 to 4000 remain in the worlds oceans today, with about 100 of those in the North Atlantic. The Rightwhale Dolphins are currently listed as an endangered species.