Dolphin calf stillborn


- It's a sad day at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Hana the dolphin was in labour for more than 10 hours and gave birth to a stillborn calf.

She is an 11-year-old Pacific white-sided dolphin who came from Japan last year after being caught in a fishing net.

New Dolphin Wallpapers

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Dolphin Wallpapers

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Survey sees increase in Indus River Dolphins

from The Daily Times

ISLAMABAD: Results of a recent survey have revealed an increase in the Indus river dolphin population, which is a highly endangered species in Pakistan. The survey was conducted under the Pakistan Wetlands Programme, a joint initiative between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Royal Netherlands Embassy, Global Environment Facility, Ministry of Environment and the World Wide Fund (WWF).

Dangers of dolphins

from The Express and Star

With the summer holiday months here and people increasingly heading for the seaside, I write to issue an urgent warning about the dangers of interacting with "friendly" dolphins.

As many readers will recall, a bottlenose dolphin, a species native to UK inshore waters, became trapped in a dock in Cumbria in January.

Marra, as he became known, was fortunately released without mishap, but capturing and moving a live dolphin is a difficult and risky bus

Research Highlights Flood Impact On Dolphins

from ABC News Online

It seems the water quality problems associated with floods could affect not only fish, but bottlenose dolphins as well.

Southern Cross University PhD candidate and marine zoologist Christine Fury has been studying the effects of the past four NSW north coast floods on dolphins in the Clarence and Richmond rivers.

She says a lack of food in the flooded waterways and poor water quality forces dolphins out to sea, putting them at a greater risk of shark attack.

She sa

Marine technology inspired by dolphins' speed

I just read an interesting article which unfortunately, due to copy reasons, I cannot syndicate here. But, I highly recommend you read it:

Marine technology inspired by dolphins' speed

Dolphins Used as Bait

Matthew Franklin of The Courier-Mail

The endangered Indus river dolphin

from Reuters

June 7 (Reuters) - The endangered Indus river dolphin has dramatically increased in numbers in a small section of the Indus in Pakistan but the animals remain very rare and in grave danger, a scientist said on Wednesday.

A survey carried out in March this year showed their numbers in Pakistan had risen to 1,331 from about 1,100 in 2001, most of them concentrated in one small section of the river.

Here are some facts about the Indus river dolphin:

- The unique, bl

Group Wants Dolphins Freed


The Vancouver Aquarium should be prosecuted for violating a parks board bylaw, claims a group that's against the aquarium keeping whales and dolphins.

"The aquarium is actually in continuing contempt of the bylaw," according to retired lawyer Denis Howarth, who represents the Coalition for No Whales in Captivity.

National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2006

This is reposted from the Sea Watch Foundation website in order to raise awareness for everyone interested in participating!

National Whale and Dolphin Watch Week 2006, from Saturday August 12- Sunday August 20 2006, will be an opportunity for everyone to become involved in the research which goes into understanding these magnificent creatures.

Twenty eight species of whales and dolphins have been recorded off the British coast line.

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