Latest Dolphin and Whale Strandings (Feb. 5, 2006)


Here is the latest sad news, concerning Dolphin and whale strandings, and evidence of their recent increases in frequency:

On Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006, six Gray's Beaked whales stranded themselves at Northland's Waipu Cove. After rescuers refloated five of the whales, they soon returned. Two have since died.

A 30 ft. sperm what became stuck in the mudd near Kilnsea, on Spurn Point, East Yorkshire today, Feb. 5, 2006. Despite the best efforts of the local lifeboat crews, coast guard and firefighter, the whale has died.

In New Zealand, police say that five dolphins stranded themselves in the shallow water off of Northland Beach. While two of the dolphins were herded back out to safety, two others were at last report being kept slive by locals with wet towels and buckets. One has dies.

In a coastal villiage near Cuddalore, India, a 15 ft dolphin has died. While the dolphin was initially refloated, it soon returned to restrand itself at the mouth of the Thenpennnaiyar River Wednesday morning. There are allegations by environmental activists that nearby SIPCOT industries is responsible for the strandings due to chemicals dumped in the water.

This is all so very sad...