Dolphin Gifts

     Dolphins have long fascinated Man, since he realized that there was another creature on Earth that was nearly as smart as we are. Their intelligence has been proven over and over, but it is their gentle demeanor, and playful personalities that enchant children and adults alike. Because of this, the dolphin has become one of the most popular of sea creatures or marine animals to appear as figurines in a variety of mediums and sizes. From garden décor statues, to wall plaques with street numbers on them, the dolphin now graces many a home and office, simply for its charm and natural beauty. Whether the preference is for something functional such as a dolphin themed nightlight or lamp, or just a decorative sculpture that moves with the touch of your finger, dolphin figurines are a unique and exciting all occasion gift.

     One of the more popular pastimes on both coasts of America, are whale watching tours, where you have the opportunity to glimpse some of the largest and most fascinating mammals on Earth. These amazing giants of the sea come in a wide variety of species, although it is the Orca, or Killer Whale that is most familiar, and most widely represented in whale figurines. Its distinctive white and black coloring makes a striking combination, while a well-executed piece of sculpture can be a miniature treasure when it accurately represents the beautiful lines and flow of the whale’s immense body that moves with such grace and speed. For people who collect marine life artwork, whale figurines make an ideal gift for Father’s or Mother’s Day, and other gift-giving occasions.

      If you have a passion for the sea and its denizens, there are all kinds of garden décor items that can keep memories of an oceanside vacation with you, year round. Start right at the back door with a set of wind chimes that feature dolphins, shells, fish, and sailboats or lanterns. Buy them singly, or in sets of 2-4 small ones that can be used to hang each side of the stairs or a porch swing. Down in the gardens themselves you’ll have dozens of choices, from decorative alabastrite sculptures, birdbaths and fountains to intricately carved sculptures of mermaids holding a dish that serves as a birdfeeder. Move on to the lawn, and you’ll find it hard to choose where you want to lay a set of stepping stones embedded with seashells. Try them around the pool, or surrounding the fishpond, where you can also add a miniature lighthouse replica that is solar powered, and lights up the scenery at night.

      Some people dedicate themselves to collecting as many dolphin and whale figurines as they can, because they have a passion for those particular sea creatures. But others who admire the broader spectrum of beauty that the ocean, seas and lakes hold, like to vary their figurines and décor accessories. With today’s modern methods of reproducing sculptures in intricate detail, at reasonable prices, you’ll be able to scatter reminders of your favorite marine life wonders all through the house, and out into the garden as well. For a delightfully different gift, how about a manatee family sculpture, an endearing presentation of a very ponderous, yet gentle creature. Or for the garden and rockery, a spritely, upright figure of an otter, head cocked and poised to take flight at the first splash of water from the fountain where alabastrite seals are basking in the sun. Plate collectors will treasure the amazing and highly detailed underwater scenes depicting brilliantly colored tropical fish flitting in and out of coral reefs. The choice is yours, and those choices are endless!