Clymene Dolphins

The Clymene Dolphin is a small dolphin which averages about 1.8m in length and weighs around 75kg when fully grown. The Cleymene dolphins short beak, black eye ring and dark lips give it a distinguished look. These particular dolphins have a unique color pattern as well. Their white bellies, light gray sides, and dark cape that dips at two points of their bodies, above their eyes and below their dorsal fins, is called a triparite color pattern. The dorsal fins of these mammals is light gray, highlighted with darker gray.

The Clymene Dolphins are found only in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They are most often found around Texas waters, including the Padre and Mustang Islands. The only way that these mammals have been observed is in deep waters, between 250-500 feet depths, or after they have died. This dolphin feeds on small fish and squid varieties that are found in intermediate depths of the Atlantic Ocean. It is suspected that the Clymene Dolphins mainly feed at night.

The Clymene Dolphins have been spotted swimming in pods seperated by sex. They have also been recorded swimming near Spinner and Common Dolphins but they remain seperated from each other.

The Clymene Dolphin species became a distinct species in 1981, but is rarely observed alive. It is one of the most poorly known dolphins in the world so their breeding habits and migration patterns are not well known at all. It is suspected though that they are similar to the Spinner Dolphins and the Common Dolphins.