Chilean Dolphin

The Chilean Dolphin, also known as the "Black Dolphin", is small in size compared to the majority of the dolphin species. As adults the length of the Chilean Dolphin is only 170cm. The head of these mammals is blunt and their bodies are thickly shaped. The girth, also known as the middle of the dolphins body, takes up 2/3 of its body length. Both the flippers and dorsal fin are small in size compared to this dolphins body proportions. The Chilean Dolphins are white along their throats, bellies and the ends of the flippers closest to their bodies. The rest of their body is a variety of gray shades.

The Chilean Dolphins are found in shallow cold coastal wateres. They are found in Southern South American waters from Valparaiso, Chili, south to the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn, Argertina. The Chilean Dolphins can be found in larger abundance in Playa Frailes, Valdivia, Golfo de Arauco and Isla de Chiloe`. The population of these particular dolphins doesn't appear to be very abundent and is considered a rare dolphin. When it has been observed they where most commonly found in groups of 20-50 dolphins, but have been noted to be seen traveling in thousands and even simply a pair of 2 dolphins together. These mammals are considered shy and evasive which makes it difficult to observe them for research.

Very little research has been done concerning the Chilean Dolphins, so many aspects about them such as migration and mating patterns and calf sizes at birth and growth patterns is not known. Hopefully more research in the future will help us better understand the Chilean Dolphins in the future.