Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphin

The Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins are found off the Coast of West Africa from Mauritania to Angola. These dolphins enjoy shallow coastal waters and rivers such as the Niger and Bandiala, along with esturaries. The Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins are generally shy of people and boats and are considered a solitary species, meaning they travel alone. However, they have been seen in groups of 2-25 dolphins. When they have been spotted in groups of this size they are groups of younger dolphins.

Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins are not a well documented or researched mammal so their breeding habits are not well known. Births of calves have been noted as happening more extensively from December thru February, although calving could be happening year round.

At birth the Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins have a length of about 3 feet and weigh about 100-150kg. The calves are not born with their hump. The hump forms as they grow into adults, forming just in front of their dorsal fins. As adults the Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins weight is between 220-330lbs. with a length of 6.5 to 8 feet. The coloring of the adult Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins is grey in color on their upper sides and a lighter speckled color on their undersides.

Some of the dangers the Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphins encounter are the possibilities of being caught in fisherman's netting along with the chance of being caught along shorelines in anti-shark nets. Ironically, although fishermans nets and gear can be deadly to these mammals, they are well known for assisting fisherman by herding fish into their nets allowing themselves and the fisherman to have a successful meal.